Security and Protection

Anti-virus protection

Viruses effect on your security and privacy, which can lead to the loss of confidential information, financial reports, private customer data and more.  Surevelox helps you to protect your data, so you can focus on your business.

Automatic back up

Your data is encrypted when a backup is started, during transit through an SSL-encrypted connection, and at rest in our data centers.

Data Loss Prevention

Helps you identify and monitor sensitive information, such as private identification numbers, credit card numbers or standard forms used in your organization. Set up DLP policies to notify users that they are sending sensitive information, or block the transmission of sensitive information.

Protect sensitive data and applications

Enhance application access security with unique identity protection capabilities that provide a consolidated view into suspicious sign-in activities and potential vulnerabilities. Also, you get advanced security reports, notifications, remediation recommendations and risk-based policies to protect your business from current and future threats.

Today’s customers expect a secure experience when doing business online, whether you are storing customer email addresses or capturing their credit card data. Setting up the required security measures and keeping up with the latest threats. 

Surevelox helps you to encrypt your data, identify and monitor sensitive information with DLP policies. Also, you get advanced security reports, notifications, risk-based policies to protect your business.