Cloud Solutions

Experience the power of cloud computing

Cloud computing offers competitive edge and gives your business a technology advancement.

Workforce Mobility Solution

Make your workplace accessible from multiple locations to giving your employees to access data, modify data, and share data from any device and from virtually anywhere.

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Portal and collaboration

Increase business interactions with file sharing ideas, information, and also provide audio and video conferencing solution to access  business data from anywhere and any device.

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Cloud Business Phone

Cut your phone bills by over 50% while getting enterprise-level functionality and improving reliability. Our Hosted PBX is a complete business communications system and service. With over 40 features, Hosted PBX delivers enterprise-grade capabilities.

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Cloud Email

Give your company a professional brand by using professional Email solution. With our email solution, Get company calendars, contact management, and protected email. Also, customize an e-mail and calendar solution to fit your needs and move you to the cloud on your own terms.

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Single sign-on

Increase security and simplify management with single sign-on. Enrich your employees with access to world class cloud apps and service and self-services capabilities from wherever they need to work on the devices they love to use. No more different URLs and password to remember for each SaaS apps your business uses. Easily and securely manage employee and vendor access to your corporate social media accounts, cloud apps and custom apps.

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File storage and sharing

Sync and store your files on Cloud. Allow your employees to securely share files within your business and/or outside with vendors and customers. Work as usual on your favorite device - desktop, laptop or tablet. All your files are synced automatically and available on all your devices.

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Security and Protection

Protect corporate data with information security management to allow more secure access to company resources and enable safe sharing of sensitive information inside and outside your organization. Secure and protect your data in cloud so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and also keep your highly sensitive data in your control.

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Backup and disaster recovery

Protect your critical business data and application. Protect your business by mitigating the risk of data loss for natural disasters or other negative causes. Cloud backup and disaster recovery provides compelling alternative to tape backup that is fast, reliable, and secure alternate to your core systems- data, applications, and IT infrastructure.

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Our cloud solutions provide cost savings, improved productivity and better security. Access your business data, applications and services anywhere and anytime and any device when you have connect on internet. Get enhanced computing, robust storage, software, development, and network resources on demand with cloud solution. Only pay for what you use, so don’t need to spend your money upfront on hardware and software licenses.